• 2020 Freedom Crossing Film Festival 11.6-11.29

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    Full lineup of 16 films

  • 11.27-11.29 Crossing History and Memory

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    Week 4 of the Freedom Crossing Film Festival

  • SINGLE FILM: Super Citizen Ko (超級大國民)

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    The film narrates the political history of Taiwan over a period of 50 years, following the imposition of martial law in 1947 and ‘The White Terror.’ Suspected of being a leftist, KO spent around 30 years in prison and institutions, always obsessively worrying about the fate of his best friend CHE...

  • SINGLE FILM: The Tree Remembers (還有一些樹)

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    (From the director) This story begins with a man’s portrait hanging in my family home in Malaysia. The identity of this man has always been a taboo, until one day I discovered it was my grandfather, whose identity was hidden from me because he was a member of the Malayan Communist Party. This is ...

  • SINGLE FILM: The Spokesperson (神仙代言人)

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    Cuizhen is a barber. As a latecomer to the village, she was not embraced well by locals. After a serious illness over a decade ago, however, she became a psychic possessed by Mao Zedong. Over the years, countrymen have worshipped so many people with magic power. While a lot of them claimed to rep...

  • SINGLE FILM: Journey with Invisible Friends 看不見的台灣

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    It's 2016, and director Mitch Lin is about to make a documentary about the nature of Karma and causality, curious to explore these mysteries with the help of "channels" who can relay messages from gods and spirits. On the first day of shooting, to his surprise, Mitch learns that the gods are cont...